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Soho House Check-In: Warehouse Conversion on the Move

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Curbed swung by the Soho House-to-be at 113-125 N Green Street the other day, to see how the conversion is progressing now that a $44M construction loan has been obtained. It was a Sunday when we peeked in so the site was at rest. The former Chicago Belting Factory warehouse's lower floor windows and select upper floor windows are out, revealing a thorough gutting. The sketch of the finished product doesn't mess with the exterior much at all, other than to give a good power cleaning, some awnings, and a trademark Soho Hotel rooftop pool club. Summer 2014 is still the opening target, and the exclusive 40-room hotel will be joined by three restaurants, according to Eater Chicago: a pizza concept, a burger concept, and a chicken concept. Oy! Sounds very Chicago.
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