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Jackie Koo Adds Ballsy Cantilever to Boystown's Out Hotel

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Architect Jackie Koo of Koo & Associates has reacted decisively to NIMBY quarrels with her design for a 10-story "Out Hotel" (at one point 12 stories) on the 3300 Block of North Halsted. The queer-friendly boutique hotel project, led by Ian Reisner of Parkview Developers, is now being presented as an 8-story building with a bold cantilever helping to preserve overall capacity. We're not sure if the new conception still accommodates 112 rooms, but it looks like it could. It differs from the original rendering in other important ways: there's less glass; black is the new white; and the smattering of upper floor balconies is gone. The cantilevered slab reminds of the "table top" architecture of Will Alsop, especially as applied to Toronto's OCAD Sharp Center, albeit far milder and with zero skyline impact. The question now is whether the same stern assessment, involving tags like "preposterous" and "monstrous", will be applied to the revision? Hat tip: ardecila/Skyscraper Page.
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