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Highway Hell

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The $420M Circle Interchange reconstruction has been revised in the direction of sanity following amplified complaints from West Loop residents, Greektown businesses, and UIC. Much credit for a less reckless revision goes to condo owners at Green Street Lofts, who effectively rallied Aldermen and Gov. Pat Quinn in support of their noise and obstruction grievance. The loft building at 400 S Green is being given 26.1 feet of clearance from the proposed flyover ramp, an improvement on the 19.89 feet previously discussed. IDOT will also install a sound-abatement wall and landscaping, and monitor vibrations. Walls will go in elsewhere, and IDOT plans to tweak the aesthetics of the ramps, widen pedestrian corridors, and create more exits. The plan is up for review on Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro. [Trib, previously]