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Huge Vintage Condo, Dated but Elegant, Lists for $165,900

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Normally when a 3,000 square foot high-rise dwelling appears on the market for well under $200K it's either a condo in an extremely depressed neighborhood or a co-op w/ sky-high assessments in a moderately depressed one. This 3/3 unit is neither: it's a condo in the not-too-distressed Jackson Park Highlands section of South Shore, asking just $165,900. Housed in a 1920s vintage mid-rise, one of many similar buildings on this stretch of Jeffery Boulevard, this sprawling sixth-floor space commands far reaching views while suffocating under layers of tacky wallpaper and carpeting. Where hardwoods make appearances, it's a beautiful thing. And the old tile bathrooms hold promise. The light fixtures, furnishings, built-ins, and fireplace also bring instant appeal and the prospect of minimizing necessary TLC. Monthly dues? $710. Dig in!
·Listing: 6922 S Jeffery Blvd. [Urban Search]