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Big names like Jim Belushi, George Wendt, and William H. Macy won't be too pleased if David Gassman of DLG Management and Development gets his way, Chicago Business Journal reports. The actors have joined forces with Chicago's former Organic Theater Co. founder Stuart Gordon in opposing Gassman's plans to have the historic Hull House Theater in Uptown rezoned and converted into apartments. The city postponed a decision on whether to rezone until next Tuesday, which gives preservationists time to strategize. Gassman, for his part, says current zoning laws don't allow the building to operate a theater anyway and that he has no intention of backing down. Gordon says he hopes the city will bestow landmark status, preventing demolition. The former theater is credited with launching the careers of artists like David Mamet and Joe Mantegna. We don't know about you, but if Norm from Cheers is going to be involved in a fight, count us interested. [CBJ, photo via CBJ]