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Historic Printers Row Loft Framed in Copper Lists for $335K

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The 100-year-old Transportation Building at 600 S Dearborn is the tallest converted loft building in Printers Row. Beefing up its already-beefy profile is this peculiar little second-floor condo, just listed for $335K. Like the other 22 stories of units, the condo enjoys 14-foot ceilings. Unlike its brethren, however, the 1,100 square-foot one-bed is given three distinct loft spaces, a medley of homespun ladders, and what looks to be copper framing around the door, kitchen, and lofts. For what it's worth, the copper's hammered texture takes on the appearance of carved picture frames. Also of interest: lighted glass block tables and a platform dining area w/ built-in stool seating. The unit sports original oak floors, a wall of windows, and enough flexibility to conjure a second bedroom if so desired.
·Listing: 600 S Dearborn St. #207 [ADL Realty]