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Check-In: Site Prep for Loyola Business School, Rental Tower

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Much of the old fabric of State Street, on the east side between Pearson & Chestnut, has been bulldozed to make way for a pair of major side-by-side developments: Loyola's new 10-story Quinlan School of Business and a 35-story rental tower. To recap, Newcastle, Ltd acquired a parcel at State & Chestnut from Loyola where it plans to build 367 apartments in an all-glass edifice with ground-floor retail and parking for 162 cars. The tower will cozy up to the Loyola building, and the two will merge their retail in a continuous arcade fronting State. Both are designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) and both were submitted for review under the same Planned Development (PD).

On our weekend site visit, two of the three structures standing in the way of progress have been razed (a crappy one-story building and a brown boxy building). The more attractive five-story apartment block at State & Pearson remains, though it's boarded up and braced for the wrecking ball. The Loyola building has been green lighted, and actual construction should begin this fall (pending the enlistment of a developer). The existing business school, opposite the future one, will be converted into a Loyola library. The tower may break ground first, and its timetable calls for delivery of units in early 2015. We would've snagged a few more shots for y'all were it not for the high fences surrounding much of the site.
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