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CTA Releases Images of Winning Red Line Station Art Work

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Forty-one CTA stations currently house more than 50 works of art, and the Authority is looking to expand that number by seven in months to come. The CTA announced winners of its public art contest for seven recently rehabbed North Red Line stations last week, and today let loose with images of a few of the installations. We'll leave our readership to critique the pieces, but it's pretty clear the 2-D works are meant to be uplifting and unchallenging. Seven artists were given the honor of enhancing seven well-traveled spaces at Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn, Thorndale, Granville, Morse, and Jarvis stations. Greg Hinz reports for Crain's that the CTA will spend $621,000 on the installations. More than 300 artists competed for the job. Simultaneously, the CTA put out a call for artist submissions for nine to-be-renovated South Red Line stations, due by mid-July.
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