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Surface Lot at 601 W Jackson Finds Residential Block Savior

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There's been a great fuss over the surface parking lot at Jackson & Jefferson for the past year, and so we're relieved that an apartment block rendering is taking prospects for the site beyond chit-chat. The Chicago Architecture Blog landed the intel surrounding 601 W Jackson: a 15-story, 198-unit "infill" developed by JeffJack Investments (it's unclear wether Dan Moceri is still rolled into the venture) and designed by Thomas Roszak Architecture. There's no denying the project's aesthetic variety: a contextual white block meets a transparent glass house with neon green vertical bands. It all winds up a pretty good fit with the sturdy massing of neighboring warehouse loft conversions. The Chicago Architecture Blog reports no firm findings on financing or a start date, but they do carry supporting sketches and site plans.
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