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Montgomery Ward Penthouse Built Out & Brought to Market

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It sure didn't take long to produce conditions ripe for a monumental flip at the former Montgomery Ward Observatory penthouse. The 6,400 square-foot space sold at the close of 2012 in a half-raw state for $1.9M. A conventional floor plan with regular finishes lived in awkward tandem with a ragged and unfurnished great room with 35' x 35' dimensions, arched windows, and 20-foot ceilings. Six months later, the dichotomy no longer exists and the new challenge to overcome is asking price: now a cool $4.75M. One look around at the four-story, four-bed penthouse and that number suddenly seems doable (it always helps of course to have a grand piano anchoring your staging). The dynamic space has been thoroughly upgraded, including the previously built-out section. The kitchen impresses, as does the floating staircase, marble baths, gigantic skylight, and 2,000 square-foot private roof deck engulfed in skyline.
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