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Restored Charles Wacker House Asks Twice Its '08 Sale Price

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Historical tie-ins rarely damage a listing, and when a home is tied to a major civic figure responsible for a great deal of city building it's a guaranteed boon. 1836 N Lincoln Park West was built by beer baron Frederick Wacker for son Charles in the immediate post-Fire years. Although Charles' fortune was amassed in the family business, his legacy exceeded his father's through 17 years spent at the helm of the Chicago Plan Commission (championing Daniel Burnham's 1909 Plan for Chicago). Wacker's dutiful work in organizing and marketing the city earned him one very iconic Drive and more than one namesake building. Charles Wacker's Victorian 3-bed, neighbor to the Frederick Wacker House in which Charles was raised, is among the handsomest early homes in Lincoln Park. And, it's been fully restored since selling in 2008 for only $950K. There's a happy collision of original details and brand-new upgrades like the eat-in kitchen, basement, and rebuilt patio. And the home can be expanded to five bedrooms, per the listing. The new ask? $1.729M.
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