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Elvis Lives at North Side Kitsch-Fest w/ 'Museum-Like Garage'!

Don't take it from us, but The King lives! It's plain as day Elvis is in exile in the basement of this eccentric Old Norwood Park home. And he hasn't aged a day! How generous of The King to lend his punch to Ambassador Real Estate's photo shoot. He looks tuckered out though, probably from many consecutive sessions of air hockey and pool. Aside from cracking this international mystery, the listing agent is supplying "one of the nicest houses to hit the market in a long time" — in Old Norwood Park, perhaps. It does have a big lot with a pool, deck, basketball court, and "museum-like garage". Why couldn't there be photos of that!? The 3/4 home has some deranged decor, however, with plenty of off-putting room colors, big mirrors, dank carpeting, and dated wood paneling. On the market for the first time in 25 years, the starting ask is $599K.
·Listing: 6010 N Avondale Ave. [Ambassador Real Estate]