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For $315K: Seriously Massive Powhatan Unit in Want of Reno

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Here now, a stunning new availability at the landmark Powhatan co-op building on Kenwood's lakefront. Stunning for its size (4/4, 3,800 square feet) and its irreverent decor, despite a clear deficit in modern amenities and finishes. Oh, and its price: $315K. The building is known to have an impeccable level of service, a newly renovated Art Deco lobby and pool, and a famously handsome facade. This unit could be beautified to this level with a little work. Existing highlights include the set of vintage bathrooms (at least two with quirky wallpaper), parquet floors, tall windows, and some awesome lighting design (see slide one above). There are pricier, higher-floor units available with more updates. Here's a 19th-floor specimen, languishing for three years now. Only a touch larger, it first listed for $995K and now wants $745K. Depends if you're in the mood to pay double while figuring out how to handle $4,000/month in assessments (vs. $3,400). There's also at least one significantly smaller space in equal need of updates asking about the same as today's feature. In light of all this, it appears we've struck gold.
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