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Several Condos List at To-Be-Built West Loop Contempo

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Five 4/3 condos priced between $700K and $890K just hit the MLS at an unbuilt modernist building in the West Loop. With sparse details available we shot by the site, at Lake & Aberdeen to see what — if anything — was going on. A stretch of nine continuous lots, including a few small structures, was posted for sale through @properties until sometime last year (revealed in a Google Street image from June 2011). Current owner Aberdeen Lake, LLC has a building permit to strip the brick structure and adjoining shed of their metal sheeting, pipes, wood paneling, and office equipment. This is something one would do in advance of demolition, and the flashy 20-unit condo building pictured above is what's meant to take the place of the retired meat packing operation at Aberdeen and Lake, reportedly within the year. No renderings exist for the units, and each listing has the exact same broker blurb (albeit with a lot of specifics on brand-name fixtures and appliances). One block from the Morgan CTA Station, this is exactly the sort of project that's invading the area, only sharper than most. If anyone has a handle on the architectural info, we'd love to hear it.
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