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Pagoda-Style Palace, WSJ's House of the Year, Gets Huge Chop

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On the edge of wilderness (OK, the 500-acre Ryerson Woods), sits this Prairie-influenced home with a modern riff on a pagodas. The four-bed, 3.5-bath dwelling was built into a 2-acre wooded lot by Frank Lloyd Wright's last Taliesin apprentice Arthur Dennis Stevens. The Wall Street Journal paid tribute to the home's unmatched composition by naming it their 2012 House of the Year. And we're paying tribute to the fact that the long-listed home is now available for $1.5M, or $1.179M less than two years ago. Familiar to many by now, the 5,700 square-foot property reads like a party tent with nicer furniture and materials. The cathedral-like great room has 39-foot ceilings, a tree or two, and some boulders. No big deal. Patented arched ceilings (that's right, something to do with compression technology used with the beams) are in nearly every room, as are large skylights. All this after meandering through gardens and patios just to reach the front door. We know the 'burbs aren't as glamourous nowadays, but this special place and its tumbling price oughta snag a buyer very soon.
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