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Awesome Excavations

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After a year of prodding, Greg Hinz won a trip for two to the barricaded and unfinished CTA superstation beneath Block 37. With a photographer in tow, the Crain's reporter was escorted down to the cavernous lair— essentially a well-sealed "concrete bathtub". The route to this space is kept secret but "a variety of elevators, locked doors and ladders are involved." The city spent $218M on this stalled endeavor meant to add express train service to the airports and supply another link between the Blue and Red lines. Sources say there's "no imminent plan" for future use, although it remains a "valuable asset". Another $150M would be needed to make the station operational, by CTA estimates. Click thru for some very cool photos. [Crain's, Block 37, photo by Stephen J. Serio/Crain's]