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Neighborhood (Vienna) Beef

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Well, hot DOG. Iconic Chicago dog-ateurs Vienna Beef potentially nabbed a $5M city subsidy Tuesday when the Community Development Commission unanimously approved a TIF request to finance a move from the company's current North Side digs to a 103,445-square-foot factory in Bridgeport, Crain's reports. The measure will help cover the $5M purchase and $7.3M renovation of the new headquarters if City Council approves the project. According to the article, other states tried to charm Vienna into relocating, but the company synonymous with Chicago dogs opted to stay in the city where it was founded in 1894. Vienna Beef, in part, is moving to avoid the city's reengineering of the Elston-Damen-Fullerton tangle. The new plant, at 1000 W. Pershing Road, will need to employ at least 250 people and occupy the site for the next 15 years. [Crain's]