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Kenwood Beaut's New Owner Puts in the Money, Goes For Flip

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This Kenwood Victorian has always had the bones for big things, but it took a strong push from a new owner to bring the interiors up to par with the grandiose facade. The brick-and-stone seven-bed kicks things off with handsome front gardens, an ornate turret, wrap-around porch, arched windows, and an immense front door. Previously, the interior spaces came across as comfortable but stale— in part a symptom of poor photography and/or indifferent staging. Now, with considerable money sunk in, the new owner-flipster has a pretty product to dangle in a quest for profit. The vintage details have been polished and the foyer, living room, and dining room have been reestablished as focal points with beautiful wood floors, fireplaces, French doors, and a new paint job. The crisp new finishes extend to the chef's kitchen, butler's pantry, bedrooms, five bathrooms. We also count a new deck and astroturf backyard with sports court. Hey, some people just can't stomach the winter palette. Selling in May 2012 for $1.525M, the new ask is $2.15M.
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