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$5M Gold Coast Mansion Enters Third Year on the Market

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Even on a sickeningly opulent street like the Gold Coast's North State Parkway, this tall Italianate Greystone stands out. Built in 1885, the 7,000 square-foot digs deliver the works: elevator, five fireplaces, bay windows, double parlor living room, chef's kitchen, spiral staircase, wet bar, skylights, master bedroom behind a 4th floor colonnade, and "award winning" gardens (and they do look damn nice). The property had sporadic spells on the market in 2009-10 before beginning an extended stay in June 2011. The photos above were in place until Coldwell Banker took the helm this week. We reached out to broker Chezi Rafaeli to inquire about an updated photo set now that the listing has changed hands, and we await word. Meanwhile, the ask is staying put at an even $5M.
·Listing: 1435 N State Pkwy [Coldwell Banker]