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Profiles: Architect David Hovey

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Architect/developer David Hovey gets the royal treatment in today's Crain's. Robert Sharoff makes the case for why Hovey's peers should envy him: he's in complete control of his designs, no matter the scale. It's a broad set of skills that one man must possess, and so many architects wouldn't want to take on so much. The glowing profile spans Hovey's career from his ascendancy under Helmut Jahn in the '70s to his breakout solo project in Evanston and his highly-regarded Optima Old Orchard Woods in Skokie. Optima Chicago Center is under construction in Streeterville and is expecting a 60-story sibling in the near future. Hovey has tapped a financing partner for the first time. So ends the mystique. [Crain's, previously, rendering: Optima Chicago]