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SCB-Designed Loews Hotel Tower Climbing Quickly Near River

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The Loews Hotel Tower (aka 435 North Park Drive) construction has been in full swing for a few months and is now the inland center of attention in Streeterville (you didn't think it could contend with the lakefront!). On our Friday swing-by, the tower's elevator core had risen to about the 8-story mark while the floor plates had a little catching up to do. The crane was in action, and dozens of workers scurried the site. The eventual 53-story tower is the product of architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz and developer Donald Wilson of DRW Holdings. Consult the renderings and you'll see it's a glassy affair with a long parking podium topped by an L-shaped 12-story base tapering to a tower. Because of the varied heights of surrounding streets (thanks to bridges and decks), the construction looks radically different from each vantage. That won't be the case once the project tops out, but it's an enjoyable aspect while it lasts. The finished product will bring a 400-room luxury hotel, 398 apartments, and 230 parking spaces — which puts it toward the top of the heap in recognition of the walkable, transit-heavy setting.
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