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Changes Come to Hyde Park High-Rise Apartment Plan

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Mesa Development dragged its large Hyde Park apartment proposal — dubbed Vue53 — before the 53rd Street TIF Advisory Council on Tuesday. The presentation showed a number of accommodations made to neighborhood interests for the 267-unit rental high-rise slated for the lot at 1330 E 53rd. The building's crafty design is virtually untouched from the prior iteration, but the alterations can be felt. Between the first TIF meeting in January and the recent one, a floor has been lopped off the proposal (now 13 stories); residential has been added to 2nd and 3rd floors to "screen parking" and add more "eyes on the street"; parking spaces are up from 218 to 230 (zoning demands 200); the loading dock has been shifted away from residences on Kenwood; and the affordable housing component has been increased (15% on site). A representation of small, local retail was something the community wanted to see as well, so the 29,000 square feet of retail space will go to 4-6 businesses as opposed to one or two large national tenants. The building will offer a decent list of amenities and a shared 4th-floor terrace. Also — and this is a great relief — no TIF money is being sought.
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