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For $167K: Duplex One-Bed w/ Access to Rooftop Pool

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Well hello there, pretty little duplex! You're not exactly representative of your price bracket for the Gold Coast, are you? It's not that the square footage is sensational or anything, but a duplex configuration sure helps with perception (sorry host tower, you're still horribly dated). The 6th-7th floor one-bed condo has been recently updated with new bath and appliances. A floating staircase delivers you from what would be a simple studio unit to the upstairs master suite. But the best aspect is paying relative chump change to belong to a building well-stocked with services and amenities including one of the baddest rooftop pools around. How much, then? $166,900 with a monthly assessment of $476.
·Listing: 1221 N Dearborn St. #606S [Jameson Sotheby's]