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Cornerspotted: Rainbow Beach & Ghost of the 76th Street Pier

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Rainbow Beach is correct , guest cornerspotters #1 and #3. More specifically, the archival photo captured the old tiered 76th Street Pier on a crowded summer day in 1913. Today, you'll find such rickety awesomeness only in select 3-flat terrace construction. Rainbow Beach and Rocky Ledge Beach joined in 1959 to form Rainbow Beach & Park, covering 61 acres in the South Shore neighborhood. The park is known for its relative isolation and superb skyline views. That other pier in the distance would be where 75th hits the beach, at the park's southern end. As we alluded to in the yesterday's post, there's still a crude pier in place at 75th, functioning more as a break wall for the swimming area. Haven't been? Get down there and give it a go!
·Hint: There's Still a Pier, But Nothing of Postcard Quality [Curbed Chicago]