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'Sophisticated' Full-Floor Gold Coast Condo Lists for $4.45M

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Earlier today we sussed out an Under $300K keeper, and now we'll show you the other end of the Gold Coast market. Just listed, this 6,000 square-foot, 41st-floor condo at 1555 North Astor matches up favorably with some of the city's top standalone mansions, without all the interacting-with-the-street hassles. Needless to say, full-floor equals panorama. The Lincoln Park/North Beach vista is especially seductive. And what's so "sophisticated" about the interiors? The "top designer's" monochromatic scheme, duh. And we guess you can throw the long art gallery, automated systems, and gazelle tabletop sculpture in there (notice it's no mere deer). Last fetching $3.55M in 2004, the 4/5 unit now asks $4.45M.
·Listing: 1555 N Astor St. Unit 41EW [Coldwell Banker]