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Rubinkam House Ups Ask Despite Unappetizing 4th Floor

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A restoration of the grand Rubinkam House on the edge of the U Chicago campus has produced a divide between the vintage decor of the first three levels and the corporate office aura of the 15-year-old fourth floor addition. Truthfully there's always a divide when additions are involved, but this one smacks of cheapness with its gray carpeting, fluorescent lights, and mismatched exterior brick. Nevertheless, the ask on such a marvel has been hiked by $250K, bringing the new list price to $2.2M. According to the listing, restoration is 90% complete including a new roof and wiring. It said the same a year ago, so hopefully there's been progress since. From the limited photo gallery, we can see the newer kitchen, classic lighting, and inset hardwood floors. There's also stained glass, a library, new back porch, and a 3-car garage. Square footage totals 7,500, and, with eight bedrooms one might very well open an inn.
·Listing: 5635 S University Ave. [MetroPro Realty]
·Hyde Park's Gargantuan Rubinkam House Re-Lists for $1.95M [Curbed Chicago]