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Fox's Robin Robinson Lists in Bucktown, Mulls Downsizing

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Veteran Fox Chicago news anchor Robin Robinson recently listed her Bucktown single-family for $1.29M, reports Bob Goldsborough for The Tribune. The woman with one of the best names in show biz -- er, news biz -- has lived in the extra-wide five-bed since 1997, almost as long as she's been piloting the evening newscast. Robinson tells Goldsborough that the desire to move and possibly downsize is prompted by her pending empty-nester status. While other neighborhoods and housing types intrigue Robinson, she declares "It's not a 'gotta sell it' -- I'm just going to see. In this market, there's no point in making plans for what you're going to do when you sell your house until you (actually) sell your house." Check the listing for more, if you can stomach the every-third-word-capitalization.
·WFLD anchor Robin Robinson lists Bucktown house for $1.29M [Trib]
·Listing: 1641 N Hermitage Ave. [Jameson Sotheby's]