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JGMA Advances Conceptual Design for New UIC Soccer Stadium

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Architecture firm JGMA has built a reputation on flashy low-slung institutional designs for charter schools, colleges, medical buildings, and more. So a revamp of UIC's soccer facilities is right in their wheelhouse. Skyscraper Page's markh9 flagged the new conceptual renderings, which show a radical alternative to the conventional bleacher stand. Built in place of the plain and plainly inadequate existing structure at the UIC Flames fields at Morgan & Roosevelt, the lithe stadium looks more like a sculpture park than anything. Seating is tucked behind the elegant angular face, a ready-made skateboarder's paradise. It stretches about two-thirds the length of the field, which is the only problematic aspect of the design — the creation of a near and a far goal. The structure provides a degree of shelter, unlike the current bleachers, and extends its massing with "vegetated earth berms". Thus, while official seating will be 3,000, the design accommodates up to 5,000 spectators. Is the promo speak correct in saying the stadium will provide "an engine of pride for the players and student spectators of their school"?
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