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Developer Eyes Condos For Union-Owned West Town Lots

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A West Town tipster relayed a public notice for an upcoming Chicago Grand Neighbors meeting, where a plan for 30 condos and three single-family homes on the land holdings of the Central States Joint Board will be detailed. Developer Affito Domus, LLC wants to build five 6-unit condo buildings, three at Damen & Erie and two at Damen & Ohio. The Ohio lot is surface parking for the union's HQ and the Erie lot is where the fortified HQ still stands. Should the developer complete the purchase and win approvals, this scattered-site plan would join the set of condos and row of single-families recently executed by Noah Properties on Erie just west of Damen in densifying the corridor. It'll be a village of new-builds in an area still characterized by older homes and sporadic contempo infill. But, increasingly, this is where the neighborhood is headed. Care to see what the development may look like and how the Alderman and neighbors respond? Hit up the meeting Monday, May 13.
·Noah Gets Set For West Town Condo, Single-Fam Development [Curbed Chicago]