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Defunct Parkway Point Condo Plan Gets New Hope, Press

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A couple short blocks east of where an 8-story residential resurrection is being plotted, another stalled project has new life in the rumor mill. The Lakeview Patch is reporting that the defunct Parkway Point condo high-rise may be resurfacing soon. Giacomo Caliendo was a former partner on the project, which went under in 2009. He tells The Patch that, although he's no longer affiliated, partner "Mark (Kozlowski) is working to get all the plans together to move forward. That's all I can say about it. He's still just working to try and move forward with it." Kozlowski had no comment for The Patch, and Ald. Tom Tunney's Chief of Staff Bennett Lawson thinks financing will remain troublesome — particularly if the developer is unable to take down the old 4-story blonde brick courtyard building that covers part of the site. Without its removal, there would only be clearance for one of the two towers previously proposed (of 15 and 11 stories) — and therefore only about half of the 120 units. With such vocal skepticism and without further confirmation, this project fails to escape the rumor mill.
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