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Curbed Young Guns Nominations Close in Exactly One Week

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Friday, June 7, 2013 is the very last day to get in nominations for Curbed Young Guns, Curbed's roll call of the next guard in architecture and design. The aim of Young Guns is to identify the most promising up-and-comers in these industries, whether they're a junior architect or draftperson, interior design assistant or fearless head of a newly launched firm.

The criteria are simple: nominees must be under 35, and they must be practicing in the United States. To identify them, we've opened the nomination process up to the public, and we're asking for your nominations right here.

Following next week's close of nominations, we'll put our heads together with legends of the industry in markets across the country who've agreed to serve on the Young Guns deliberation committee. To keep things as transparent as possible, the entire process, from the nominations to the deliberations, will be presented in full view in this space. In August, we'll name this year's class.
·Curbed Young Guns Nomination Form