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Custom 4-Bed Sports Airplane Hangar in 'Airport Community'

Right down the road from Brookeridge Airpark in Downers Grove is a 4/4 home with membership in a broker-proclaimed "airport community". That must be so considering the 1980s custom home's airplane hangar, in addition to a proper garage, and the homeowner's rights to a share of the "airpark". "A businessman's dream!" The new listing has some good things going on: large common rooms; new kitchen; finished basement w/ second kitchen; a huge skylit master bathroom; wood-paneled lounge/library; greenhouse; and a wooden spiral staircase. A terrace connects to the garage and hangar. Don't get too crazy — the facility is equipped for a personal prop plane not a learjet. The ask? $1.2M.
·Listing: 8415 Charles Court, Downers Grove [Baird & Warner]