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By The Numbers

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The story of Chicago's neighborhood depopulation is old hat by now, but NBC Chicago's Ward Room added some handy legibility to raw neighborhood numbers from 1950 and 2010 by jotting down the percentage change for all 77 Community Areas. Consult the list for data on your 'hood, or look for larger trends. One obvious one is the accelerated evacuation of the old "Black Belt" triggered by the banning of racist restrictive covenants in the 1950s and carrying through to the razing of the projects. Fuller Park lost the most, down 83%. Four other nearby areas lost 75% of their 1950's population. On the flip side, a transformed Loop has seen a 317% increase. And some far-flung areas (Ashburn, Forest Glen) also saw considerable growth. [NBC, photo: Fuller Park, Baird & Warner]