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Wal-Mart, Mariano's Take Interest in Bronzeville CHA Lands

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Target isn't the only large retailer with the CHA's ear. While that big box operator wiggled its way onto former Cabrini Green lands (due to open within months), Bronzeville's vacant CHA lands are proving almost as enticing as news airs that both Mariano's and Wal-Mart are eyeing parcels along 39th Street (Pershing Road). Crain's is reporting on good authority that Mariano's wants to set up shop at 39th and King Drive, as part of the Oakwood Shores mixed-income redevelopment (former site of Ida B. Wells Homes). Meanwhile, a city spokesman confirms discussions with Wal-Mart over opening a "supercenter" at 39th and State where, much like Oakwood Shores, Park Boulevard is creeping along.

Wal-Mart hasn't been pushing its "supercenters" in the urban core because, at an average of 182,000 square-feet, they tend to be highly contentious. The retail giant has a much smaller "neighborhood" format they've been deploying in the city, including one planned for 47th and Cottage Grove. Although Bronzeville has been losing population, there's a sense that — with new mixed-income occupancy and the subtraction of vacant plots — the area may soon stabilize. And there's only one major grocer within striking distance of these prospective projects — the Jewel at 35th and King Drive. So that much should be applauded.
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