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City Rolls Out Divvy Bike Share Map A Week Prior To Launch

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The city has compiled a map of the 400 "Divvy" bike share station locations in advance of the system's grand release in early June. The information was shared with The Tribune over the holiday weekend, and consists of a full system map and a downtown zoom-in highlighting most of the 75 docking stations primed for initial launch. There are a smattering of first-gen docking stations located outside the downtown area, generally strung along the Red, Brown, and Blue CTA lines. Docking locations will hold an average of 10 baby blue bikes, and the expansion from 75 to 400 stations will finish up by summer 2014.

How does one make use of such a divine service? Well, you can get your feet wet by purchasing a day pass online for $7, allowing for unlimited trips of 30 minutes or less. If you know it'll pay dividends, spring for the annual $75 membership which affords the same limitless access. Registration will open soon on the official website. The city is utilizing Portland-based Alta Bicycle Share as the operator, and corporate partners are being courted. One positive from corporate participation is the potential for subsidized memberships for lower income users. A lot of vetting has gone into each station siting, but, as with the NYC experience, some degree of conflict can be reasonable expected from disgruntled condo or business owners.
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