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Alfred S. Alschuler-Designed Classic Re-Lists for $2.35M

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One of the larger houses on the market in Kenwood, this Alfred S. Alschuler work sits around the corner from the Obama home. For the uninitiated, Alschuler was a prolific Chicago architect who designed many significant manufacturing buildings, offices, department stores, the iconic London Guarantee Building, and the old Mercantile Exchange (demolished). We'll do our part to elevate him to household name. This 6,000 square-foot six-bed home is back on MLS after a potential sale fell through in earlier this Spring. In February, the asking price was $2.2M but it's now reset at $2.35M. Someone will pay the premium — this place is balls-to-the-wall vintage goodness, from the plentiful wood moulding and wainscoting to the pocket doors, stained glass, and grand staircase. It's the sort of abode with a fireplace wherever feasible and with nearly every common room verging on library. The lot is large and the landscaping exact. Who'll take a stab this time around?
·Listing: 4921 S Ellis Ave. [Urban Search]