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Custom Rebuild Makes Trophy of Gold Coast Fixer-Upper

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A year's worth of reconstruction has brought a splendid vintage Gold Coast town home into the light. What sold in foreclosure for $580K in May 2012, with tattered floors and crummy baths, has been rebuilt beyond recognition and now asks $2.099M. We tried matching up rooms for a before-and-after gallery but there's little reference to go by: the coffered ceilings and hardwoods are new, the windows don't align, an open staircase has hit the scene, and the epic marble bathrooms are brought in from another galaxy. The home has four beds, four baths, and roughly 4,000 square feet of living space on a fine stretch of Oak Street near LaSalle. There's a private elevator to all five floors (including basement) and a balcony, but no yard to speak of. We're betting it'll fare well as a luxury listing.
·Listing: 122 W Oak Street [Coldwell Banker]