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Season of the 'Gutter Punk'

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Traveling bands of "gutter punk" homeless have migrated back to Chicago — namely Wicker Park — for the warm season. DNAinfo dropped in on some of youthful members outside of Francisco Forno's at Wicker's Six Corners. Thousands take to the loose-knit national collective of street kids, many of whom have troubled pasts and deep disillusionment with society. Still, an argument can be made that, on balance, these are "selectively homeless" people — not the kind filling the shelters or deserving of them. And although they're generally a calm and colorful presence on the avenue, their "springing" (the "traveler's" word for panhandling) competes with those in genuine need. The neighborhood has mixed reactions to the "punk" presence, but Ald. Joe Moreno sure doesn't want 'em around. [DNAinfo, photo: Tumblr]