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Cornerspotted: Canal & Fulton with North American Cold Storage in View

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Clearly this wasn't all that hard. But we thought y'all would see the value in sharing an uncommon capture of this Fulton River District intersection in the early 1950s. It seems like the photo has drawn some fascination from the readership, many of whom surely live or work near Fulton & Canal. Plant yourself at the east end of Fulton, looking north at the North American Cold Storage facility, and things couldn't look much different. Two residential towers have squeezed into the frame, between the photographer and the Cold Storage building (peeking out behind Riverbend). And the Cold Storage is now of course architect Harry Weese's Fulton House condo conversion (1979-81). Just outside the frame is the active construction site for the River Point office tower. It's not the Loop, but will soon be just as slammed.
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