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Hint: Bye Bye Industry, Hello Condos

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Welcome to CornerSpotter, Curbed's regular game in which you, fair readers, consult archival streetscape photos or postcard illustrations to identify the building(s) and/or location presented. Time to tap that reservoir of urban minutiae and flaunt it before your fellow readers. Fire away in the comments, and we'll reveal the correct identity and backstory tomorrow.


Welcome to another edition of Cornerspotter. Your challenge today: identify the intersection caught in the above 1953 photograph. Hint: this is a central area characterized until fairly recently as a nexus of packing, warehousing, and distribution of consumer products. Hint: the area is also diced up by rail lines, both elevated and at-grade. Hint: the taller building in the background (ID blotted out) is still identifiable by its scale, ornament, and siting, if one is knowledgable and observant enough. Hint: walking down the center of this street on a fine summer's day in 2013 is a good way to get mauled by cars, trucks, scooters, and bicycles. On with the show!
·Cornerspotter [Curbed Chicago]