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125-Year-Old Victorian w/ Super Classy Cinema Asks $3.325M

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A handsome 1880s town home has just hit the market on one of the Gold Coast's best preserved blocks. The Bellevue Place 4/5 has much to tempt a buyer in its 5,000 square feet. It would be fair to call it a stalwart of the neighborhood, even as the decadence of its insides has assumed a more contemporary guise. We count a smart home system, elevator, French doors, greenhouse, and grand kitchen w/ lounge among the newer attributes. Plenty of old stuff remains, polished and preserved to the point of perfection. You can see these features in the listing's photo gallery. When you get down to it, we're here for a single reason: to ogle the faux vintage home cinema. It's probably the nicest we've encountered in many moons of hawking hoity-toity amenities to our readers. The elements of palatial movie houses of old are transported to this 8-seater. And if you're not quick about it, some other buyer will transport them away. The ask: $3.325M.
·Listing: 63 E Bellevue Place [Prudential Rubloff]