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West Loop Supportive Housing Project Steps Into The Sun

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The instantly polarizing nine-story supportive housing proposal for a skinny parcel at Lake and the Kennedy now has an appearance to bruise up. The admittedly meager design doesn't try to be much of a neighbor or beacon to the West Loop. Mostly, "L" riders are the folks who'll catch it head on while highway passerby will have to crane their necks to admire the broad east facade's detailing. Both may wish they hadn't. It's an important, purposeful project housing 61 distressed individuals and families. But the design has all the warmth and inspiration of a nursing home. And the location... well, we've heard the feelings on that. Interfaith Housing Development Corp is working with $3.1M of approved TIF assistance, though no project timeline has surfaced. Hat tip: Skyscraper Page user Spyguy.
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