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Fun With Urban Planning

Architect Patricia Saldaña Natke, founder of UrbanWorks, has made upward mobility her focus in 20 years of practice. One unbuilt design is a bold master plan for a Pilsen rail corridor. The concept has been around the block, and won major exposure at the Chicago Architecture Foundation's Design On The Edge exhibition in 2011. WBEZ brings it back to the forefront because of its steady progress. It's getting closer to leveraging funds, and continues to twist and bend in response to community input. Essentially, Saldaña Natke's vision is a marriage of the Bloomingdale Trail plan with textile and fashion shops. Abandoned factories that parallel the tracks and Sangamon Street would support industrial incubation. "You shouldn't need to go to 900 North Michigan or Michigan Avenue to see all the high-end fashion shows," says Saldaña Natke. "Why can't it be in the neighborhoods?" [WBEZ, UrbanWorks, previously]