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Streeterville Condo's Master Bath Flirts With Outlandishness

Deliberate interior rock formations don't always work out. Judicious application, as with the master bathroom of this Streeterville three-bed, is more successful in the building of a serene environment. An earthy variety of materials and colors helps a bunch, too. Oh, and a large golden Hindu statue is the appropriate mediator between the neat rock pile and bathtub. The jagged rock leg supporting the sink counter might take the aesthetics a little too far. The remainder of the 2,700 square-foot, 13th-floor unit bears no resemblance to this bathroom. But it's awfully comfy with parquet floors, fireplace, billiards room, a new kitchen, and a barrel vaulted gallery. New to market, the $749K ask is triple the 2002 sale price — which presumes significant rehab.
·Listing: 222 E Chestnut St. #13A [Dream Town]