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Screaming '80s or Not, 4-Bed LP Contempo Sells Above Ask

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An intriguing home built in 1980 by architect Marvin Ullman for architect Marvin Ullman and promptly sold to a third party, has sold again (for only the second time) for $1.525M. Commenters to our February new-to-market post were non-plussed with the design, but the place ended up selling quickly for $25K above ask. Not too shabby for a challenging space. What do we mean by that? Well... not everyone is crazy about varied ceiling heights, irregular room shapes, and glass block walls. Then again, plenty of prospective buyers will spar for those exact features in addition to exposed brick, floating stairs, and a kitchen solarium. Oh, and any 3,000 square-foot Lincoln park single-fam for $1.5M is worth a look.
·Listing: 2249 N Burling St. [@properties]
·LP Contempo w/ Floating Staircase, Greenhouse Asks $1.5M [Curbed Chicago]