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Cornerspotted: Western & Berteau, Former Site of Harms Park

This week's cornerspot garnered just two guesses, only one correct. Either we stumped the masses or all subsequent readers saw the futility in posting their hunches on coordinates with the accurate ones already supplied. Since the park in question went extinct in 1946, it's Harms not Indian Boundary. Harms Park also predated Indian Boundary Park by a couple decades. The small plot of land was reserved in a natural state by Henry Harms — founder of Niles Center (now Skokie), builder of Lincoln Avenue, and all-around Renaissance Man. Harms bought the land in the late 1850s and used it as a picnic grove for many years, eventually putting up a family home (turned restaurant) in 1892. A year later, the land joined Chicago's park system. Forgotten Chicago details the $1.3M federal housing project nearly built on site in 1933, but the land came to sport single-family homes and a car dealership instead.
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