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Whiff of Gatsby Detected in Area Real Estate Listings

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And it's happened... "oh so GATSBY" is ringing out over the prairie. You'll never look at "exquisite neoclassical colonials" the same, particularly those with "stately ionic columns" and a middle class outpost in a coach house. Shoot, Baz would've done just as well to set his action at this half-acre Glen Ellyn estate. If there's one thing that story needs it's more Midwestern hospitality. In any event, we will concede a buyer could do much worse than this combo deal: a restored main home with five beds, four-and-a-half baths, study, library, coffered ceilings, and a luxe kitchen; and a deranged coach house setup with abundant antlers and a cloaking of Grizzly Bear hide. Country folk. What're you gonna do? New to market, the asking price is $1,998,900.
·Listing: 393 Montclair Ave. [Koenig & Strey]