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Braggadocious Mansion w/ Star-Lit Atrium Sells for $2.7M

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The overwrought and overhyped Lakeview new-build that had one great thing going for it — it's gigantic stone-walled courtyard/atrium — has found a buyer willing to pay $2.7M, or $600K below the initial October asking price. Clocking in at 7,800 square feet with five beds, five baths, and enough brokerbabble to kill a horse, the Mediterranean-styled manse is garish at times (living room, kitchen) and exquisite at others (master bath, dining room). Pity the sensational pitch that accompanied the listing last fall has been replaced with straight reporting. Could it be they didn't like the teasing?
·For $3.3M: Big Boy New-Build Leads With Remarkable Atrium [Curbed Chicago]
·Listing: 1746 W Surf St. [Coldwell Banker]