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Mapping Chicago's Bike-Friendliness by Neighborhood

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In a race to apply to our neighborhoods every qualitative measure available and then some, bikeability is a must. Happily, Walk Score added a city-by-city list of most bikeable neighborhoods to their annual large city scorecard. This year Chicago is the tenth most bike-friendly city in country, and on a scale of 100 the following 'hoods led the pack: East Village (89.3), Ukie Village (87), Wicker Park (86.8), Illinois Medical District (86.5), and Noble Square (86.1). Chicago's overall score is 61.5, but that's accounting for nightmarish environments like O'Hare and Galewood. Streetsblog Chicago breaks it down some more, and a full neighborhood list is available via Google Docs. Walk Score uses data drawn from four equally weighted components in forming their rankings: bike lanes, terrain, destinations and road connectivity, and bike commuting mode share. The addition of some measure of actual ride quality and scenery would help tamp down enthusiasm for such high-ranking nabes as Streeterville and the Illinois Medical District.
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