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Gentle Folks Find Peace on Juliet Balcony and So Can You!

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While this isn't far from broker-fail, the conscious marketing intent of posing a couple (presumably the sellers) at an open bedroom terrace in ideal weather saves it from the blooper reel. These folks are acting out the object of a buyer's desire — to invite the city into your bedroom. No telling whether this scene faces away or toward the peeping toms. The house itself is a fine old foursquare Victorian with four beds, three baths, hardwood floors, open kitchen, gas fireplace, attic suite, front porch, and a "nature lover's yard". Wedged between Horner and Welles parks and near the Brown Line, the Lincoln Square single-fam is asking $649K. Anyone wish to reward such a silly episode?
·Listing: 4511 N Campbell Ave. [RE/MAX]